SPICe+ :- New Web based E- form for Company registration

In a move to take it one step forward the Government of India’s Ease of doing business initiative, Ministry of Corporate Affairs has introduced a new web based e-form Spice+ (Pronounced as ‘SPICe Plus’) for the purpose of new company incorporation and will replace existing ‘SPICe form’ 

Features of New SPICE + form

SPICE + is an integrated web based form came up with following features;

  • a.)  The form will be web based and a user dashboard will be created. 
  • b.)  The form has 02 parts viz; Part A & Part B. 
  • c.)  Part AC. replaced Existing ‘RUN’ form and hence shall be used for Name Approval service. 
  • d.)  Part B is an improved version of Spice form. Earlier SPICe form was in PDF format whereas SPICe+ is web based. However, for affixation of DSC, web version will be converted to PDF format still.
  • e.)  Both Part-A as well as Part-B can be filed either simultaneously or subsequently. However, it is recommended that it should be filed subsequently i.e. Part A first and after approval of it, Part B along with linked form should be uploaded. 
  • f.)  All linked form i.e. e-Moa, e-AOA, Agile Pro will still require to be uploaded at MCA portal. However, it will be auto populated on the basis of data entered in Part A of the SPICe +
  • g.)  AGILE pro came up, which is an extension to AGILE where mandatory opening of bank account details and Maharashtra State Professional Tax registration being added up apart from existing GSTIN, EPFO and ESIC features available there.
  • H.)  Mandatory application of PAN, TAN application embedded in SPICe form itself as it was earlier in SPICe.

Process flow for Company Incorporation in New Era;

  • Apply for name approval in “Part A” of SPICE+ web form.
  • After submission a hyperlink will be created by Application no or name approved as the case may be.
  • After approval of Name, start filing PART-B of SPICe+ form. All check form and pre-scrutiny validations will happen on web form itself.
  • All forms i.e. SPICe+ as well as other linked form should be downloaded in PDF format from Dashboard for DSC affixation.
  • Other attachments i.e. INC-9, DIR-2 etc. will also be auto populated on the basis of data entered in Part A subject to certain exceptions as prescribed.
  • The linked form i.e. e-Moa, E-AoA, Agile Pro will be auto populated on the basis of data entered in Part A
  • DSC will be affixed and after DSC validation all forms will be uploaded at MCA portal as per existing procedure itself.
  • Download SPICE + Part B in PDF format for DSC affixation.

Attributes of new Spice+Format :

  • a.)  Web based form.
  • b.)  Name Approval as well as Incorporation in a one go or Separately
  • c.)  Web based portal ensures real time data validation.
  • d.)  Mandatory Opening of bank account is also facilitated through this new mechanism.
  • e.)  Mandatory Professional tax registration (only) for the state of Maharashtra is also available.
  • f.)  Mandatory EPFO & ESIC registration. No Separate registration will be available for newly incorporated companies. However Compliance related to EPF & ESIC legislation emerge once the company crosses the threshold limit as prescribed under EPFO & ESIC Law.
  • g.)  The auto population of data will take place in all linked form as well as attachments i.e. removing Data Redundancy.
  • h.)  All other rules of companies incorporation will remain same except or (in addition) those as specified through introduction of new Spice+ form.