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“In long run business is known by its name”

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Every business unit has a unique identity and this identity is when recognised in the industry it becomes trade name in true manner. The trademark or logo or design is nothing but identity assigned to business. 

Trade mark is something which is developed by the business unit and so assignment of ownership is necessary. Besides once the ownership is assigned the right to use can also be transferred. And also, by this mean improper or unauthorised use of yours trademark can be prevented
Trademark are further classified into following category;
Word Mark: Simply the trade Name
Logo or design: A pictorial diagram used as logo which may contain the trade name or not.

The registration of trademark however requires that it should be unique and not similar to any other registered trademark. Also, it should not be in such manner which creates confusion in the mind of public. Also, if there is a trade mark which is well known trademark but not registered and proposed trademark is similar to that even then registration application can be refused.

So, a great degree of caution is required while development of trade mark and its further registration.

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